How we’ve helped clients

Here is a flavour of how we’ve poured enthusiasm into enabling empowering peer-learning across different organisations…

Cavan Business Women’s Club 2019

In April 2019, we were invited to facilitate a knowledge sharing session at an event for Cavan Business Women’s Club. By effectively pairing participants with complementary ambitions we enabled a plethora of skills, knowledge and wisdom to circulate the room. Our active learning technology will enable these women to carry and implement the knowledge shared that evening for a lifetime!

Dublin City Women in Business Network 2019

In February 2019, we facilitated a knowledge sharing session for LEO Dublin City to celebrate and support women in business. By creating the opportunity for thirty-four peer-to-peer conversations to take place, we enabled valuable insights to be shared throughout the session. From skills in leadership, finances, resilience, marketing techniques and networking strategies, we fostered the right atmosphere for this active learning to take place.

Custom Active Learning Program 2020

We designed a custom program for a client in Dubai with carefully selected and curated activities to optimize active learning within a group of teenagers. By embedding these activities into an interactive and easy-to-use timetable, our client could redirect their energy into facilitating the four-day long program with the assurance that everything they would require was housed in one place. With our active-learning program, our client could focus on engaging teenagers in the areas of Careers, Communication, and Confidence.

Medtronic transition Year Work Experience 2020

We designed a week packed full of active learning activities for Medtronic in Galway. We were tasked with putting together an immersive experience for 30 teenagers where they would learn all about Medtronic’s business, become more self-aware, gain an understanding into the future of the world of work and build awareness about the opportunities presented by a wide variety of careers.

Exporter Development Workshop –
FutureCurve and Enterprise Ireland 2020

We facilitated a knowledge sharing session at an Exporters Development Workshop. We identified the key issues they were facing, used our proprietary algorithm to match the appropriate people together and composed a report of their learnings shared.

Ireland San Diego Business Forum 2019

In May 2019, we brought BECKSearch to San Diego as we facilitated the Ireland San Diego Business Forum. We collected insights from participants, tailored the conversation actively around the real time interests of our audience and produced this report with the findings from the day.

Building Resilience 2019

Women in Business Northern Ireland and
University of California San Diego

We led an active peer learning session for Women in Business Northern Ireland as well as at University of California San Diego where we invited each group to share their insights around resilience. Through a mix of guided conversation, tech tools and a sense of openness from the group, we produced this video summary afterwards for each.

Irish International Business Network – London 2019

We were invited to compose and present a summary of the insights shared, views put forward and connections made at the IIBN conference in London. We produced a short video and disseminated across social platforms thereafter.