Confidence Building – I’ve done it before, I will do it again


Asking people to consider times when they’ve overcome challenges in the past to build confidence and resilience. This activity allows participants to reflect on their own resilience and thus builds their confidence to overcome challenges that may arise in the future.

Purpose for participants:

Participants must consider challenges they have overcome. This activity builds confidence as they uncover the many times they have overcome an obstacle in their life. While activating participant’s resilience, this activity teaches us the everyone has the ability to overcome obstacles and come out of the experience stronger.


  • I found a particular subject in maths difficult and I asked my teacher to go over it a couple of times, practised at home and kept going until I got it.
  • I needed to get a Summer job and handed out ten C.V.s to different businesses. I phoned them afterwards too and finally got some work in a shop.
  • Our dog died at home and I was really, really sad. I used to miss our dog so much when I would come in from school or watching the T.V.. I talked to my parents about it every day until after a little while I started being able to smile at the memories and then I was just grateful that we had our little dog for such a long time.