Crowd-Sourced Glossary

This 30-minute activity is a highly interactive way to involve each participant in an exercise to build a glossary of new terms in a particular area .e.g. accounting.

One of the main problems with getting to grips with a new topic is acquiring an understanding of the new terms and what they mean. This activity allows participants to engage with this task in a highly active and creative way, making the banal experience of defining terms an exciting activity.

The most suitable subject matter for this activity would be technical with its own specific definitions and terminology.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify unfamiliar pieces of jargon and remove the worry anybody might have about not knowing what they mean
  • Get accustomed to looking up news sites
  • Give context to theoretical terms
  • Timestamp the key issues of the day
  • Grow intrigued by cultivating a curiosity around “what is everybody else doing?”