Providing Feedback on Incomplete Work

This 30-minute activity is a highly interactive and collaborative way to engage participants critically on a topic by exercising their existing knowledge to review work that is either purposefully inaccurate or in draft form. This activity provides participants with a framework for offering useful feedback on a collaborative piece of work.

We have used a set of financial statements with mistakes put in various pages to give teenagers an insight into the audit process. Also, we have given a draft chapter of a manuscript about the stock market to global capital markets students for their review. On countless occasions, we’ve invited groups to peer review each other’s work appropriately.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Critically review a document
  • Revise content through a different lens
  • Examine a theme in a continuous flow (as opposed to the introduce, present, and revise loop in a teaching scenario).
  • Show a different structure of the material
  • Enable the participants to build an employable skill (i.e. critical analysis)