Activity Steps

Step 1:

You will need to outline to the group what is expected of them.
They will be expected to discuss with the person sitting next to them to come up with three things they have in common. Inform everyone they will have three minutes once they are in their pairs to compile a list of three share characteristics.

It is useful to give some examples of commonalities they might come to, for example:

  1. Both participants study the same subjects in school.
  2. They have both visited a city outside of their native country.
  3. They might play the same sports or enjoy the same hobbies.
  4. They might both have pets.
  5. They might have the same middle name.
  6. They may both know somebody,

Step 2:
Instruct everyone to pair up with the person sitting next to them. 

Step 3:
Each pair can begin their conversation, writing down their commonalities as they go along. Some pairs may compile their list of shared characteristics quickly, advise everyone to keep going until time runs out.

To ensure you are keeping track of time during the activity, playing some music in the background is a great way of making everyone aware of how much time is remaining for the activity.

Step 4:
Once everyone has compiled their list of commonalities, or the time has run out, ask each pair to share some of the characteristics they share with the person beside them.

This can be done on a volunteering basis or by choosing certain pairs around the room.

Step 5:
Now repeat the exercise, but with groups of four (or more!) to make it significantly more difficult.